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Open the Door to Closing a Sale: Using CRM to Boost Results

open door

Whether you pronounce it “cram” or “crum” – or just use the initials CRM if you’re the literal type  – there’s a lot to be gained by getting intimate with Customer Relationship Management strategies and tactics.


5 Marketing Mistakes Construction Companies Make (and How to Solve Them!)

construction marketing mistakes

Marketing your construction services is like trying to sell ice to the Eskimos—there is just so much available, why on earth should they pay to get it from you? The secret is to make your company stand out, and that’s where many construction businesses make their biggest marketing mistakes. Identify whether any of these practices are holding you back from being your best—and fix them, pronto!

Lots of Traffic But No Leads? Here’s What You Need to Do ASAP

traffic and leads

Traffic, traffic, traffic! That’s all you’ve been hearing for the past year or three, and the assumption has always been that if you managed to achieve the right number of visitors to your website, your sales would go up by default. Suddenly you’re realizing that isn’t the case. You have tons of visitors, but nobody’s buying! If you take action right now, you can try and change the situation before it affects the financial well being of your business, if it hasn’t done so already.

A Common Sense Guide to Selecting Marketing Automation Software

marketing automation quesitons

Digital technology has changed many things over the past decades, not the least of which is how much data can be collected and how quickly changes can be made. It can seem like the best thing to do is to invest in the marketing automation software solution with the largest feature set and most capabilities right off the bat figuring you will eventually need it all.

4 Steps to Generate Leads in Manufacturing

lead generation manufacturing

Sometimes it feels like you have to lug the proverbial 16 tons from the beginning of the sales cycle to the end. You have leads but not nearly enough. By the time you separate the chaff from the wheat to find qualified leads you are left with a bare handful, too few to sustain a business.

Who Is the One Who Knocks? Is Walter White Visiting Your Site?

tumblr mjj79rmAkd1s7kzxmo1 250

In the world of inbound marketing, it’s important to know not just how many people are knocking at your virtual door, but who those people are, what their goal is in coming to your website and – most importantly – how you can guide them to the next level, be it from visitor to lead, or from lead to paying customer.

How to Improve Lead Quality and Deliverability to Sales

quality leads

It isn’t enough to generate a huge number of leads if a large percentage of them will never become customers. Low quality leads result from the scattershot approach to marketing that some companies engage in because they think it will cost less than putting together a targeted marketing campaign.


5 Reasons Why Construction Companies Need Facebook

construction social media

You've only got so much time and money to spend on marketing your construction company. You've got a great website, and maybe even a blog you post to regularly. The blog's got interesting content that pulls in new readers every week. Why would you spend more time creating a page on Facebook and doing everything a good social media campaign requires?

How to Write Eye-Popping, Catchy Headlines for Social Media

Depositphotos 18425663 m

Online readers are just plain picky. Only a small percentage of people who come across your article will actually click on the link to read it. You've got about two seconds to entice someone in, to prove that you've got something they want or need inside. Your headline is your front door, and your readers will decide whether you've got something attractive with flowers and a fresh welcome mat or a peeling paint job and creaking hinges. Write catchy headlines and you'll entice crowds to click on your page, giving you a steady source of leads for your site. The trick is figuring out what people respond to when they read that one line.

Your Guide to the New Facebook Campaigns Tool

facebook advertising

Facebook has made a new tool available to handle your Facebook ad campaigns and there are some important changes you need to know about. The major change is the addition of a new level in the ad campaign structure to provide more granular metrics including unique statistics across all ads within a campaign.

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