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Millennial Makers: 5 Ways to Attract Millennials to Careers in Manufacturing

millennials in manufacturing

Here’s an interesting number: 248,000. That’s how many manufacturing jobs that were open in February of this year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s about 5 times the current headcount at Google. 


Spam Should Never Be on Your Email Menu: The Case for Permission Based Email Practices

email marketing

Let’s be honest. Mass email blasts have never really worked. If you haven’t defined a goal or found a way to measure effectiveness you may not realize just how little business you get from bulk emailing. In fact, mass emails probably do more to damage email marketing than help. Each time a marketer finds a way around a blocked address, consumers and email service providers put up an even higher fence. 

9 Quick Tips to Help You Make the Most out of Your Day

make the most of your day

There are ways to accomplish what you need to do without spending hours and hours at the office or taking work home. Sometimes you just need to stop and consider what is important and what is not. Since you are a busy CEO we will cut to the chase and offer these tips on making the most out of your day without sacrificing your life. 


Others in My Industry Are Not Doing Inbound Marketing. Why Should I?

benefits of inbound marketing

If all your friends were jumping off the bridge, does that mean you should too?” Thanks, mom, for planting one of the great existential questions into our brains from childhood. Still, even that old chestnut draws an interesting analogy. Is it best to follow the crowd, or to stand alone even if it feels strange to do so? 

Your Top 7 Inbound Marketing Questions Answered

inbound marketing questions

You’ve been hearing about inbound marketing for some time now, right? And you’ve never really wanted to admit that you don’t fully understand exactly what it means and how it works? Fear not—we’ve all been there at some point. So here’s the skinny on all things IM – the top 7 questions you need to have answered, but didn’t want to ask. 

5 Ways Marketing Automation Will Give You More Time

marketing automationAs a business owner, finding time in your schedule to deal with marketing can be a real pain. So here’s the good news: you can automate it instead. Yes, that’s right—marketing automation isn’t only for big companies; anyone can use it and it definitely will make your life easier. And it will give you more time, too—maybe even enough to fit in that oh-so-critical game of golf. Research from HubSpot shows that 44% of companies that automate their marketing achieve a return on their investment within 6 months, and 75% see a return in over a year. 

Here are our top 5 ways marketing automation will help you find more of that elusive time:

Forbes Says Houston Is #1 in Manufacturing: Ride the Surge with Inbound Marketing

manufacturing inbound marketing

Forbes Magazine listed Houston as #1 in the nation for manufacturing growth in May 2013. What has caused this growth? Cheap energy. Not oil. This time it’s natural gas which has been on an upward surge in production with the advent of “fracking” or hydraulic fracturing of shale fields. 

Hey Coach: How to Get the Best from Your Sales Team

build sales team

The company’s revenue hinges on how well your sales team brings in the customers and sells products or services. No pressure here, right? But what can you do to create a winning team that consistently meets or exceeds goals without burning them out? 


Bagging the Best Leads: What Defines Good Leads and How Inbound Marketing Can Lure Them In

bagging good leads

You hear about lead generation, lead nurturing, leads, leads, leads. But what makes a good lead good? Why is this lead good and that one not so good?

Will Inbound Online Marketing Work for Manufacturing?

inbound marketing for manufacturers

"Are you out of your gourd?", we can hear you say. Wasting our time on Facebook or Tweetster, or whatever they call those things? I’ve got real customers expecting my phone call and real manufacturing orders to fill.

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