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Build a Trusted Relationship and Stop Worrying about Your Not-So-Secret Sauce

secret marketing sauce

Apparently there are many businesses that still think they have a secret weapon, an edge that their competitors would use successfully against them if the secret was revealed. These businesses think that by limiting the amount of information they publish they will keep their secret sauce recipe from those who want to outsell them.

Fix These 3 Problems Dividing Your "Smarketing" Team

fixing smarketing issues

As a refresher, “smarketing” is sales and marketing cooperating and collaborating to increase sales. Wait! Don’t stop reading; it can happen!

Is Your Manufacturing Company Innovative Enough for the Future?

innovation in manufacturing marketing

When you’re talking “innovative manufacturing companies,” it’s only natural to think in terms of improving supply chain management, filling skills gaps and other opportunities that position your business for success in an increasingly competitive environment. No less a source than Forbes magazine recently outlined six innovative ideas for manufacturing, and all of them leaned toward talent, technology and trend-watching.

Does Marketing Automation Increase Operations Efficiency?

efficient marketing

Ok, so the idea behind marketing automation is that it increases the operational efficiency of your business while boosting your revenue generation. It supposedly makes the “routine and repeatable” tasks happen without human intervention, such as:

Trade Show Tribulations: Making Them Part of Your Inbound Strategy

marketing trade shows

With the current focus on inbound marketing, traditional methods such as trade shows are getting a bad rap. Sure, it costs a bomb to be at a trade show, but it’s important for your standing in your industry, right? Even if all you bring home are a couple of leads, it’s about far more than just that. So if you’re going to be there anyway, why not turn it into a useful experience that generates real, qualified leads as well as preserving your reputation?

Guess What? HubSpot Announces New CRM

describe the image

The company that started the inbound marketing revolution is at it again!  At this year’s Inbound conference in Boston, HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan announced a brand spankin’ new CRM that will be fully integrated with the HubSpot marketing software as well as an updated version of Signals now called Sidekick.  Halligan says, "Traditional sales technology is necessary but not sufficient. HubSpot's Sales Platform is designed to arm sales teams with the context they need to improve how they engage with companies, prospects, and leads to drive sales instead of driving people crazy."  We agree!

Millennial Makers: 5 Ways to Attract Millennials to Careers in Manufacturing

millennials in manufacturing

Here’s an interesting number: 248,000. That’s how many manufacturing jobs that were open in February of this year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s about 5 times the current headcount at Google. 


Spam Should Never Be on Your Email Menu: The Case for Permission Based Email Practices

email marketing

Let’s be honest. Mass email blasts have never really worked. If you haven’t defined a goal or found a way to measure effectiveness you may not realize just how little business you get from bulk emailing. In fact, mass emails probably do more to damage email marketing than help. Each time a marketer finds a way around a blocked address, consumers and email service providers put up an even higher fence. 

9 Quick Tips to Help You Make the Most out of Your Day

make the most of your day

There are ways to accomplish what you need to do without spending hours and hours at the office or taking work home. Sometimes you just need to stop and consider what is important and what is not. Since you are a busy CEO we will cut to the chase and offer these tips on making the most out of your day without sacrificing your life. 


Others in My Industry Are Not Doing Inbound Marketing. Why Should I?

benefits of inbound marketing

If all your friends were jumping off the bridge, does that mean you should too?” Thanks, mom, for planting one of the great existential questions into our brains from childhood. Still, even that old chestnut draws an interesting analogy. Is it best to follow the crowd, or to stand alone even if it feels strange to do so? 

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