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Best Strategies for Keeping up to Date with the Manufacturing Industry

manufacturing marketing

If there’s a lesson to be learned it’s that it gets published faster than you can read it. Keeping up with the flood of information propelled by the internet can seem like a hopeless cause, but you need to stay up to date on the happenings in the manufacturing industry.


The Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing

Depositphotos 9212346 m

Doth thou knowest of the Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing? Nay? Then, proceed, fair reader and gaze upon these practices most vile. Twill do thine heart, mind and business good.

Let's Be Friends: How Inbound Marketing Makes Smarketing Easy


“I sent you a whole list of leads last week. Why haven’t you worked them?” moans Maddy Marketer.

Construction Companies Using Non-Traditional Marketing Techniques

construction marketing

Traditional marketing, that bastion of print ads, radio spots, and billboards, isn’t completely obsolete but its horizons are being expanded exponentially by digital or online marketing techniques. The toolbox for marketers has gotten much bigger of late and your competition is embracing it whether you are or not. So are your customers.

And Now Presenting... The Nominees for the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

shorty awards

What do George Takei and Esther Dyson have in common? They are both winners of a Shorty Award. The Shorty Awards, in their 6th year, honor the best of social media short form content from to YouTube.

The Game of Marketing: You Win or You Die

building a marketing team

Building alliances, thwarting danger and fighting for the right to rule are common themes in Game of Thrones. Sounds a lot like marketing, doesn’t it? While the battle rages on in HBO’s hit series, marketers are fighting battles of their own. In the game of marketing, seven strategies emerge as the requisite components of a winning battle plan.

How to Make Inbound Marketing Work for Your Manufacturing Company


As you may have heard, so-called “interruption” marketing is out. This includes things like TV commercials, pop-up and pop-under ads, non-relevant banner ads, direct mail, unsolicited email, and anything else that gets in front of a customer’s face before he’s ready to think about it.

Learn the Best Ways to Invest in the Longevity of Your Business

investing in your company

Do you think of yourself as an investor? You should. You are investing not only your personal time and effort in building your business; you are probably the first financial investor as well. So far your monetary outlay may not be much but in order to expand your company and produce more revenue, you will need to raise more cash and learn how to judge whether the products and services you need to promote and run your business will be worth the money.


The (Company) Name Game: Strategies for Renaming Your Business

renaming your company

There are a number of reasons to rename your company:

8 Steps to Building a Form That Works

Depositphotos 2733711 s

Before creating a form, ask yourself how you feel about filling them in. How much information are you willing to give up for whatever they’re offering? At what point do you look at a form and say, “No way!” and move on? Have you ever given up trying to put in your information because of unexplained errors?

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