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5 Ways Marketing Automation Will Give You More Time

marketing automationAs a business owner, finding time in your schedule to deal with marketing can be a real pain. So here’s the good news: you can automate it instead. Yes, that’s right—marketing automation isn’t only for big companies; anyone can use it and it definitely will make your life easier. And it will give you more time, too—maybe even enough to fit in that oh-so-critical game of golf. Research from HubSpot shows that 44% of companies that automate their marketing achieve a return on their investment within 6 months, and 75% see a return in over a year. 

Here are our top 5 ways marketing automation will help you find more of that elusive time:

Forbes Says Houston Is #1 in Manufacturing: Ride the Surge with Inbound Marketing

manufacturing inbound marketing

Forbes Magazine listed Houston as #1 in the nation for manufacturing growth in May 2013. What has caused this growth? Cheap energy. Not oil. This time it’s natural gas which has been on an upward surge in production with the advent of “fracking” or hydraulic fracturing of shale fields. 

Hey Coach: How to Get the Best from Your Sales Team

build sales team

The company’s revenue hinges on how well your sales team brings in the customers and sells products or services. No pressure here, right? But what can you do to create a winning team that consistently meets or exceeds goals without burning them out? 


Bagging the Best Leads: What Defines Good Leads and How Inbound Marketing Can Lure Them In

bagging good leads

You hear about lead generation, lead nurturing, leads, leads, leads. But what makes a good lead good? Why is this lead good and that one not so good?

Will Inbound Online Marketing Work for Manufacturing?

inbound marketing for manufacturers

"Are you out of your gourd?", we can hear you say. Wasting our time on Facebook or Tweetster, or whatever they call those things? I’ve got real customers expecting my phone call and real manufacturing orders to fill.

The 8 Best Marketing Industry Publications You Should Subscribe to Today


Keeping up with the Kardashians really isn’t half as difficult as it is to keep up with changing trends in the marketing world. In these days of information overload and business changing at the speed of light, marketing managers (and everyone else!) don’t get time to follow the changing marketing trends. By subscribing to these marketing industry publications you can stay on top of your game and ahead of the pack.

Time Is $$$$$: Best and Worst Ways to Get Quality Leads

time is money

Breaking Bad fans will know – even if you aren’t dealing in drugs, demand is everything, and unless you have buyers lined up you simply aren’t going to sell anything! But lining up buyers takes marketing effort. Sales buffs can say whatever they like, but if they don’t want to spend fruitless hours and days prospecting and cold calling for little return, you need to generate leads for them to work on. And to do that, inbound marketing has to stay at the top of your list of essential activities.

How to Be a Pinovator: Give Your Manufacturing Business Visual Impact with Pinterest

pinterest help

Images, both moving and still, rapidly gain the attention of most humans. It’s why we create company logos and select signature colors. It’s why video games and smartphones are so popular. They feed the craving for visual stimulation that our reptilian hind brain has evolved to focus on. Pinterest has become a powerful and very popular social media network based on this exact premise.

Understand Your Industry Better with Help from Inbound Marketing Specialists

inbound marketing specialists

A specialist in inbound marketing has the tools and expertise to apply inbound principles to any business or industry. Your marketing team has the expertise in your particular business. Put them together and you have an unstoppable marketing dynamo.

7 Essentials for Creating an Excellent Corporate Culture

corporate culture

If the employees ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Everything gets paid forward; if your company culture breeds negative attitudes, your customers and cash flow will suffer. Productivity, innovation, collaboration and retention are all affected by company culture.

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